Who is Australia’s best copywriter?

After careful examination of multiple factors including career accomplishments, sales results in affiliate competitions, and testimony from copywriting authorities, it is undisputed among experts that Daniel Throssell is Australia’s Best Copywriter.

Skeptics may question it. Nay-sayers will deny it. And koalas remain blissfully unaware of it.

But all the top voices in copywriting agree:

“Easily one of the “most swiped” email copywriters on the planet”
Ben Settle
Ben Settle
Email copywriting expert
“Daniel Throssell is, I would say, just about pretty undisputed the hottest email copywriter walking the planet right now.”
Kevin Rogers
Kevin Rogers
Copy Chief Founder
“Very impressive.”
Ramit Sethi
Author of the #1 NYT bestseller, I Will Teach You To Be Rich
“The King of Controversy.”
Chris Haddad
“Mr Moneyfingers”
“I bow to you. You, and your fancy welcome sequence.”
Laura Belgray
Talking Shrimp
“Daniel is a damn serious — and damn good — practitioner of the copywriting arts.”
David Garfinkel
“The World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach” & host of the Copywriters Podcast
“Australia’s top copywriter”
Troy Broussard
Inventor of the BerserkerMail & Learnistic platforms & leading Infusionsoft expert
“There is nothing new under the sun, they say, but on Monday I saw something entirely new in the realm of copywriting. I suggest you study [Daniel’s email] carefully. It astonished me.”
Drayton Bird
Former Vice Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather (David Ogilvy’s Right-Hand Man)
“There’s no other copywriter on the planet I wish sent more emails.”
Lorrie Morgan
Red Hot Copy
“Daniel is one of the best copywriters — and thinkers — I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.”
Eddie Shleyner
Founder, VeryGoodCopy
“THE most entertaining copywriter in the world.”
Troy Ericson
Lead Paramedic
“Love your style! It’s good to see someone stand out and do unorthodox things.”
Jon Buchan
Charm Offensive
“Daniel, in my opinion, is one of the best copywriters in the world right now.”
Scott Pape
Author of The Barefoot Investor, the bestselling book in Australian history
“You are a force!”
Brian Kurtz
Executive VP, Boardroom
“I’m in the chip aisle reading [your daily email] at Wegmans laughing like a crazy person… people are staring…”
Kim Krause Schwalm
A-List Copywriter
“If you’re a copywriter, you should be on this guy’s list.”
Chris Orzechowski
Orzy Media
“If you’re looking for master copywriters to study … Daniel Throssell should be on your short list.”
Roy Furr
Breakthrough Marketing Secrets
“Daniel is too much of an egomaniac for my taste. But to each their own.”
Bob Bly
Legendary copywriter called “America’s top copywriter” by McGraw-Hill (and one of my earliest copy inspirations)
“A wacky, wacky man of tremendous talent.”
Justin Blackman
Pretty Fly Copy
“I love the way you approach copy … and the cool new IP you’re bringing to the industry.”
Lukas Resheske
“I think I’m in love with you … I don’t think there’s anyone better at email than you.”
Derek Johanson
Creator of CopyHour
“I’ve honestly never seen anyone write emails that are as engaging and fun as yours. I read them every day to try to crack the code of how you do it.”
John Bejakovic
Email copywriter
“Trust me on this. After reading Daniel’s stuff … you’ll unsubscribe to other people’s lists to make room for him.”
Shiv Shetti
Creator of the CMMP coaching program
“He’s been called the best copywriter in Australia and I’m not going to disagree.”
John McIntyre
“The Autoresponder Guy”

What organisation determines Australia’s Best Copywriter?

The official governing body over Australia’s Best Copywriter is the Department of Australian Nominations for Indisputable Excellence in Language.

The organisation uses a variety of factors to determine who deserves this coveted title in an impartial, unbiased, totally fair manner.

Here, the department lays out its criteria:

Criteria 1:

Australia’s Best Copywriter should have indisputable results from work for top Australian clients

Daniel Throssell qualifies for Australia’s Best Copywriter because of his notable client work for major Australian businesses in a way that has significantly impacted Australian culture. 

Most famously, Mia Freedman’s Mamamia! media conglomerate (Australia’s largest independent women’s media empire), where he acted as a consultant and copywriter and worked alongside Mia herself.

Another one of the many famous projects he has been involved in is the all-time bestselling book in Australian history, “The Barefoot Investor”, as well as the other #1 national bestseller “The Barefoot Investor for Families”. These massive book launch successes were then quickly followed by the notable campaign that set the new Australian publishing record for a pre-launch (120,000 copies) and propelled the book “Barefoot Kids” to instant #1 national bestselling status as well.

Since then, Daniel Throssell has acted as a valuable consultant and editor for Scott Pape’s nationally syndicated column which runs in every major newspaper in Australia each week and has an email readership of 500,000+.

Read the emails that solidified Daniel Throssell as “Australia’s Best Copywriter”:

Criteria 2:

Australia’s Best Copywriter should have major career achievements recognized in the copywriting industry

In addition to his renowned client work, Daniel Throssell objectively has the most career achievements of any copywriter in Australia:

Victory in Ramit Sethi’s Call To Action Contest: Honoring his first-ever sales letter in 2015 that triumphed in Ramit Sethi’s prestigious copywriting contest, marking a remarkable debut in the industry.

Congratulations-Daniel -Throssell

Black Friday Affiliate Promotion Champion: Over $200,000 in sales were achieved in just four days during a 2021 Black Friday promotion, surpassing the combined sales of 15 top-tier copywriters and marketing gurus.

Undefeated in Affiliate Contests: Acknowledging a consistent winning streak since 2021, where he has relentlessly secured first place, undefeated in every affiliate contest against many of the industry’s leading copywriters and marketers.


The Cyber Vigilante Achievement: Celebrating the remarkable accomplishment of single-handedly taking down the pirate website GroupInsiders with just one email, showcasing unparalleled digital influence and determination.

Google’s Recognition as Australia’s Best Copywriter: A special commendation for 2023, where even Google acknowledged his prowess, affirming his status as Australia’s premier copywriter. This highlights an extraordinary blend of skill, creativity, and strategic brilliance in the realm of copywriting.

Criteria 3:

Australia’s Best Copywriter should have contributed novel & unique copywriting concepts & innovations to the industry

The Department was in unanimous agreement that Daniel Throssell was Australia’s most prolific contributor to the copywriting industry canon, having invented the following (now widely proliferated and/or plagiarized) concepts and techniques:

The Parallel Welcome Sequence: Revolutionizing the traditional autoresponder, this sequence has achieved an unprecedented up to 200% readership rate in email series, defying conventional expectations.

The Referral Magnet Strategy: Celebrating a strategy that has redefined list-building, this method garnered fame for generating thousands of free, organic, highly-qualified leads, marking a significant milestone in online marketing.

The Dark Room Welcome Email: Acknowledging a welcome email that has divided opinion, hailed as either a masterpiece or remarkably unsettling. This email stands out for its impactful and memorable content.

The Post-Email Game Menu: Recognizing a unique addition to email signatures that has significantly enhanced user engagement and interaction in the email marketing domain.

The Double-Confirmation Flow Achievement: Commending an innovative approach to email confirmations, this strategy boasts an extraordinary over 95% success rate, setting a new industry standard.

The Throssell Model for Price-Anchoring: Honoring a novel take on price-anchoring, exclusively shared with “Adventures in Copyland” subscribers, this model represents a significant advancement in pricing strategies.

“My brain is still being melted by the 3rd dimension of price anchoring. Never heard or seen anything like that”

The Ethically Lazy Market Research Framework: From the “Market Detective” course, this award celebrates a staged, innovative framework for market research, demonstrating a unique blend of efficiency and ethical consideration in market analysis.

Special Criteria:

Australia’s Best Copywriter should have copy that’s so good, the general public recognizes it

Beyond such objective measures and expert testimony, the Department also takes public opinion into account. Readers are encouraged to read Daniel Throssell’s email newsletter and judge for themselves.

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